Benny The Butcher Returns To The Studio


In an unfortunate turn of events, Benny The Butcher recently found himself involved on the receiving end of a bullet to the leg after he was robbed at gunpoint in Dallas Texas. Luckily, the shooting did not prove fatal, and before long Benny was on the road to recovery — a road that even brought him to Rick Ross’ sprawling estate, where he appeared to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast in style. 

Now, one day removed from the one-year anniversary of Griselda’ What Would Chine Gun Do, Benny The Butcher has confirmed his intention to return to the booth. While it’s unclear if he currently remains in a wheelchair at the moment, Benny does seem inspired to put in some serious work during his upcoming session, as evidenced by his invocation of the late DJ Shay. An important figure in the Griselda movement as a whole, Shay served as a mentor of sorts to Westside Gunn, Conway, and Benny, guiding them along their road to hip-hop stardom and providing unfaltering faith in their prowess as emcees.

“Me and @djshaybsf been doin this for a long long time,” captions Benny, sharing a nostalgic photo of he and Shay during their younger years. “I’m gettin back in the lab today wishin my boy was with me.” It goes without saying that he’ll be there in spirit, as Benny is keeping his memory alive with this one — in fact, Shay was recently immortalized on wax through Conway’s emotional “Forever Droppin Tears,” a dedication that recently landed an official video. 

Rest in peace to DJ Shay. For more from The Butcher, check out our exclusive interview with Benny right here.