Berhana Takes Aural Flight With “HAN” Sophomore Album


Two years after arriving with his self-titled debut, alt-R&B luminary Berhana has returned with his long-awaited HAN sophomore output. The project is spread across 14 total tracks and features no outside features save for a look from Crush at the midpoint.

“The second thing someone puts out solidifies a pattern – it solidifies an expectation from your audience and I didn’t want to put out some half-hearted bullshit that sounded like the EP for everyone to say ‘oh yeah this is what he does’,” the Atlanta-bred artist tells Ones2Watch. “I wanted it to be bigger and I wanted it to be better, and that just took time. I didn’t intentionally wait a certain amount of time. I just did my best to give it the time it needed to make sure that everything was right.”

Get into the sonic journey of HAN below.


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