Berner Gets Heavily Blunted On New Album “La Plaza”


In many ways, Berner is exactly the man you want in your inner circle. Not only is he standing at the head of a legal marijuana empire, but he’s also the epitome of an everyman rapper, a stoner who can actually spit bars and have fun while doing it. Today, the Cookies SF founder has come through with a brand new album, La Plaza, featuring production from RZA, Scott Storch, and more. Given Berner’s affable nature and neverending bud supply, the guest appearances are never far, this time finding Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Fat Joe, and more. 

Despite being relatively low-key, Berner has been consistently delivering quality for some time now, proving he’s one of the best weed-rappers in the game right now. Conceptually, La Plaza looks back on an era in which Mexican drug-lords warred over territory, imbuing the project with a distinctly Latin flavor. At twenty-one tracks, La Plaza is a lengthy affair, though it’s likely best enjoyed with Berner’s SF Cookie’s on deck. What say you? Are you eager to spark this one up?


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