Bernie Sanders Shared His Marijuana Legalization Plan At 4:20 PM


Bernie Sanders has amassed himself quite a following, including several prominent figures from the hip-hop community. As such, Bernie has moved with a unique brand of geriatric swagger, complete with the sharpest sense of humor in the Democratic race. Not to mention, the man is particularly forward-thinking when it comes to marijuana, in that he’s looking to legalize the beloved substance and mitigate the damage caused by the war on drugs. Sanders declared as much on Twitter yesterday, opting to deliver the news at an appropriate time.

The cleverly scheduled Tweet was swiftly noticed by Bernie’s, possibly high, fanbase. Though a rather innocuous detail, it goes to show that Sanders is at least somewhat serious about marijuana culture; perhaps that was Killer Mike’s influence. Still, his legalization plan is well thought out, and can be read right here. “African Americans are nearly four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than white Americans even though people in this country use marijuana at roughly the same rates across all races,” reads the plan. “Why is it that in 2019, you can get arrested for smoking marijuana, but not one of the crooks on Wall Street went to jail for nearly destroying the economy 11 years ago?”

For anyone wondering if and when the States will move to follow their Northen cousins and legalize, perhaps Bernie’s plan will shed some light on the possibilities. Sound off in the comments – do you think he has a chance at securing the Democratic nomination? And more immediately, might the prospect of legal weed be enough to sway some the undecided voters?

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