Bexey Unpacks His Fearless Bars On JackBoy Collab “London To 1800”


Bexey has been bubbling on the underground scene for years, earning a strong reputation through his association to Lil Peep and the Goth Boi Clique. The London-based artist is still making noise out here, expanding his reach and collaborating heavily with Sniper Gang rapper JackBoy. In the latest episode of Between The Lines, we sat down with the artist to discuss his popular track with JB, learning what was running through his mind while writing the bars.

Releasing a few months ago, “London To 1800” features verses from both Bexey and JackBoy. When the former stopped by our office, we just needed to ask him about how the track came about, especially considering the differences in their musical styles. After initially recording his portion of the song in his bedroom studio, Bexey hopped on a flight to Florida to link with JackBoy and Mikey The Magician, coming through with the final mixdown and completing a handful of other unreleased bangers. 

Bexey knows how bizarre people find this collaboration to be, given the fact that they live on opposite sides of the world. However, the track came about organically. “When I first heard the beat, I don’t know where I was but I remember JackBoy texted me and I put my headphones in and I was just like ‘This shit is crazy!’ He’s a sick producer, Diablo. And the chorus is perfect, very catchy,” he explained.

In his lyrics, Bexey discusses his fearless attitude toward life, not being afraid to die and approaching all situations without any worry. Watch his episode of Between The Lines above.


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