Beyoncé & Solange’s Little Sister, Koi, Is Serving Looks In New Headshot


You might have not known that Beyoncé and Solange are not the only Knowles sisters. The third sister, Koi, was born in 2010, a product of Matthew Knowles’ affair with Taqoya Branscomb while he was still married to Miss Tina. In 2010, a DNA test also proved that Matthew was the father of Canadian actress, Alexandra Wright’s son, Nixon. Matthew has been embroiled in child support issues with both Branscomb and Wright in the past, but it’s been years since any drama pertaining to his love children has made headlines. 

There is no damning information in this article. We’re just here to show you how adorable Koi looks in her new headshots that she posted on Instagram. The 9-year-old’s IG bio lists her as an actress and model, and provides an email for inquiries. It also offers you a link to her YouTube channel engaging in childish activities like playing with slime. According to the bio, her page is run by an adult, which is apparent once you see how well-curated it looks. When you look at the new photos she’s shared, there’s a good chance you’ll note similarities between her and her sister’s facial features. Best of luck to Koi in her endeavors! 


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