Beyoncé’s Ivy Park x Adidas Collection Sells Out Instantly Online, Twitter Despairs


Today marks the return of Ivy Park. Beyoncé’s clothing company hasn’t dropped a collection in years, as she took time to acquire full ownership and re-strategize the whole operation. She severed ties with Topshop and shifted to a partnership with Adidas. This news was announced last April, but Beyoncé detailed the future of her athleisure line in a December cover story for Elle. “I am excited for you to see the campaign for the first collection of this new partnership,” she said. “It incorporates my personal style and expands that to include something for everyone. I love experimenting with fashion, mixing high and low, sportswear with couture, even masculine and feminine. This new line is fun and lends itself to creativity, the ultimate power.” 

Everything Beyoncé does is a cause for great excitement, but Ivy Park returning from its hiatus with a bunch of killer designs had people feverishly clicking to add to cart. Unfortunately, many discovered that they did not act fast enough as they saw the Ivy Park products sold out on multiple websites. The line was initially scheduled to drop on Saturday (Jan. 18), but it went live on Adidas a few hours earlier. 

While there are understandably tons of people who would be interested in a Beyoncé x adidas collection, those who ended up empty-handed are speculating why supply was unable to meet demand this time around. “That Ivy Park sold out cause she gave all the celebrities free shit,” one frustrated customer tweeted, referencing how the likes of Cardi B and Reese Witherspoon received massive orange boxes containing the whole Ivy Park collection

Read some reactions to the hectic drop below.  


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