Bhad Bhabie Debuts Massive New Leg Tattoo Following Cosmetic Surgery Accusations


Bhad Bhabie entered the new year surrounded by plenty of drama, most notably when she threatened to get hit 30-year-old Adrien Broner “locked up” for sliding into her DMs. Though Broner insisted he thought the 16-year-old was “grown,” he got clowned by the entire Internet for his thirst, which included his baby mother, Arie Nicole. Amid this whole controversy, Bhad Bhabie was also getting accused of having cosmetic surgery done on her face, which she vehemently denied by providing receipts. Only 10 days into 2020, Bhad Bhabie has decided to steer the attention away from her scandals and toward her new ink. The Internet sensation posted a sneak peak on her Instagram story of her tattoo artist, Kat Tat, inking her right calf, then proceeded to share a shot of the final product.

In the brief clip, Bhabie shows off the massive tat, which begins up at her mid-calf and continues all the way down to her foot, ending just before her toes. She opted for a variety of pink and blue butterflies and flowers. Plenty of folks flooded her comments to offer their opinions, and there were as many heart-eye emojis as there were puking faces. It looks like the verdict lies on the extreme opposite ends of the scale, as some are “obsessed” while others are “disgusted.” What do you think of this bold choice?


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