Bhad Bhabie Gets Beat Up By Woah Vicky; Fans Drag Both Parties


One of the strangest beefs from last year has somehow carried on and is now massively heating up. A number of you won’t even care about this — in fact, there are some people reading this article who have no clue who either Bhad Bhabie or Woah Vicky are — but those of you who are looking for news on the matter… here ya go. 

Earlier today, we reported that the two social media stars had gotten into a fight in the middle of the studio. The way things apparently went down, Bhad Bhabie was recording some new music when she invited Woah Vicky to come by and hash out their beef woman-to-woman. Or girl-to-girl rather… When Vicky arrived though, she was with a team of security and instead of pulling up on Bhabie solo, she attacked her from behind and laid down the beats on her. The rapper didn’t really even have a chance to fight back. Videos of the altercation have been spread online, with Woah Vicky even uploading a video of it herself. Fans have been commenting on the drama all day and, with social media refusing to pick a side, people have decided to clown both parties equally. 

Take a look below at some of the best reactions from this childish fight and let us know your thoughts.


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