Bhad Bhabie Puts Her Foot Down On “That’s What I Said”


She’s only 17-years-old and has amassed criticism worldwide. Her career kicked off after she went viral as Dr. Phil’s problem child, and after adding a team of managers and agents, Danielle “Bhad Bhabie” Bregoli tried her hands at being a rap artist. Contrary to the naysayers and people continuously calling for her to be canceled, Bregoli has turned Bhad Bhabie’s rhymes into a multi-million dollar social media and music empire.

The unfiltered teen often stirs the pot as she says things that rub people the wrong way. Her Tarzan remarks are some of the most recent comments that had people targeting Bregoli, so she returned the verbal fire with a track aimed at her critics. “That’s What I Said” is Bhad Bhabie letting people know that she stands by the controversial comments that have gotten her into trouble, and she makes fun of those that have called her out. Check out “That’s What I Said” and let us know what you think of the young artist’s latest offering.

Quotable Lyrics

Talking sh*t from your mama house
But get quiet when I come see what that pressure ’bout
B*tches worry ’bout these dudes that be sharing hoes
Popping sh*t under my comments but be sharing clothes
Not with all that fake sh*t, don’t come through, no, “Hey, sis”
You lost, you misplaced, b*tch, buggin’ me, you get sprayed, b*tch


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