Bhad Bhabie & Woah Vicky Trade Punches In The Studio: Watch


The relationship between Bhad Bhabie and Woah Vicky was never friendly. If you’re unsure of who Woah Vicky is, we commend you for staying off the trashiest parts of social media. In a nutshell, she’s Bhad Bhabie but way worse. Try and imagine that. This week, Bhabie found herself in the news after she covered up her controversial tattoo of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s name on her hand, seemingly ending any speculation that they were secretly dating. During a routine trip to the studio, her enemy Woah Vicky decided it would be a good time to run up on the teenager, putting her hands on the rapper and getting into a little catfight.

Videos have emerged of an altercation that occurred between Victoria and Danielle Bregoli, the two social media stars. The last time these two came to blows, Lil Tay was involved, backing up Vicky. Remember her? The youngest flexer ever? I didn’t either… Back to the point, both Vicky and Bhabie have responded to the fight video, which shows the 16-year-old rapper pleading with her nemesis to get off of her and duke it out “the right way.” “You not even letting me get to you,” yelled Bhabie in the clip. In other angles, Vicky can be seen on top of Bhabie, pummelling her with punches.

After the violent exchange, Bhad Bhabie hit Instagram to call out Woah Vicky. “Why you don’t just pull up with no dudes,” asked the rapper. “Y’all see shorty holding my hair throwing and missing what are y’all tryna prove.” She says she’s no longer engaging in this so-called “BS.”


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