Big Baby Scumbag Drops “Big Baby Earnhardt” EP Feat. Project Pat, Lil B & More


One of Big Baby Scumbag’s most beloved songs is “Dale Earnhardt”. Despite it having dropped back in 2018, the Florida rapper had a deep enough fondness for the track to make it the centrepiece of his new project, which is also named after the famous NASCAR driver. An updated remix of “Dale Earnhardt” appears on Big Baby Earnhardt with a feature from lil aaron. 

Big Baby Scumbag’s explanation of how he landed on as niche of a song concept as “Dale Earnhardt” can offer insight into his songwriting process. “I honestly just pick a subject and run with it,” he said in a 2018 interview. “‘Dale Earnhardt’ was an idea that was in my head for the longest. I just felt like I didn’t have the right beat for it yet… I write my songs around the beat. As soon as my homie Chris sent me the ‘Dale Earnhardt’ beat, I knew that was the one. Without a doubt.”

Big Baby Earnhardt captures this spirit of spontaneity and goofiness. Each track tries on another sound and ridiculous concept. Nicole Richie serves as the inspiration behind a trap banger and Toy Story is woven into the narrative of a country-tinged experiment. Project Pat, Lil B, Sickboyrari, Meltycanon and Jetlag are all brought along for the ride. 

If you like this EP, check out the project that Big Baby Scumbag dropped in September, Juvenile Hell


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