Big Baller Brand Announces It’s “Alive And Well” Following Website Debacle


The Big Baller Brand website might have been compromised, but LaVar Ball’s company says business is just about to pickup.

Earlier today we reported how the Big Baller Brand home page now redirects visitors to the site of Alan Foster, aka the Big Baller Brand co-founder who stole $1.5 million from Lonzo Ball.

Not long after that discovery, the official Big Baller Brand twitter account posted a message explaining how they’ll be moving to a new domain,, in a few weeks. The statement also notes that the company is “alive and well” with a plethora of exciting new sneakers and gear in the works.

The BBB statement reads in part:

“LaVar Ball has put a great team of seasoned professionals in place to move the brand forward, with exciting new products, along with signature shoes, and sportswear.” 

As for Foster, BBB concludes, “Alan Foster is a convicted felon who served 7 years in jail for defrauding people out of their money. He is a thief and con man and cannot be trusted or believed.”

In addition to taking over the Big Baller Brand website and redirecting visitors to is own page, Foster has accused LaVar of embezzling $2.6 million from the Big Baller Brand to finance his luxurious lifestyle.

According to ESPN, Lonzo has filed his own suit against Foster, alleging that he “conspired to embezzle millions of dollars and then divert those funds for his personal use, including to acquire assets in Ethiopia.” 


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