Big Scarr Gives Off Big David Spade Energy On “Joe Dirt”


The new era of 1017 is moving strong into the new decade. In the past decade, Gucci Mane’s pretty much gone through hell-and-back, returned in better form, and is now in the perfect position to pick up the label into a new generation. Pooh Shiesty and Foogiano are currently crushing it in the streets but Big Scarr is right behind them. The Memphis rapper is emerging at a time when his city is seeing much success in the rap game.

This week, the rapper emerged with an ode-of-sorts to David Spade’s character in the 2001 comedy, Joe Dirt. Scarr tackles the key-laden with boastful confidence, detailing large amounts of money, firearms, and the politics of Memphis’ streets.

Check out the latest record from 1017’s Big Scarr below.

Quotable Lyrics
You ain’t caught no body, lil’ n***a, relax
The batch come in cheap, but I add on a pack
This shit off the top, this shit nothin’ but facts
It don’t matter how they got it, is you gonna get it back