Big Sean Explains Why He’s Moving Forward With “Detroit 2” Release


While other artists are holding off on sharing their new projects, Big Sean is ready to drop. The rapper has been teasing Detroit 2 for some time, even sharing that the album may come prior to his scheduled Coachella appearance. Now that the world is on pause because of the COVID-19 quarantine, events have been canceled, but Sean told The Rap Pack that a pandemic isn’t going to stop him from moving forward with his project.

Big Sean Detroit 2
Gustavo Caballero / Staff / Getty Images

“My thinking was, I was gon’ drop it now,” Big Sean said. “Honestly, I deal with so many other people when it comes to putting an album out. Especially when you on a label and all these things and it definitely can happen and is happening. At the same time, it’s just like, we’ve had to readjust a few things.”

The rapper said that the public has been receiving differing timelines of when the quarantine will be over, but it keeps getting extended. “People like, ‘It’s only gonna last few—It should be up by this time in April’ and this. And then it just keeps expanding, right? So, you hear things about how streams are down and all these things, but I also believe in making music for a cause, for a purpose, to heal, to help, to inspire.”

“I truly feel like that’s why, especially this project, it got songs that relate to me right now,” he added. “I feel like it’s time, especially for these times that we’re in. So, I do feel the responsibility to, no matter what, get it out.” Are you hyped for Detroit 2?


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