Big Sean & Jhené Aiko Flirt On Halloween Spider-Man Photo: “Spider Girth”


It’s hard not to love Big Sean and Jhené Aiko. During their time as a couple, many considered them as “relationship goals” because of their playful interactions with one another online and in person. They were very clearly in love and, unfortunately, things just didn’t work out in the end. They’re still very close friends and, clearly, there is still an attraction there. They may not ever end up getting married like some of us had hoped but at least they’re still chumming it up for us all to giggle and laugh over. Their latest exchange opened many eyes and had fans hoping a romantic reconciliation might be in the future.

Sharing photos of his acrobatic Spider-Man display for Halloween, Big Sean showed off his athletic prowess by hanging off of poles in his skin-tight superhero costume. He was commenting back to a ton of fans but one remark caught the attention of men and women across the nation. Jhené Aiko, Sean’s ex-girlfriend, could be seen lurking, keeping her eyes on the prize. “Into the spider thirst,” wrote the singer, playing on the title of Miles Morales’ version of the animated classic. The Don himself responded with an even cheekier note, reminding her of what she likely knows all too well. “Spider girth,” he hit back.

At the end of the day, this is likely just a friendly conversation between the former lovers. It’s uncommon to see exes remain close but Jhené and Sean have mastered that art.


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