Big Sean Praises Lil Nas X’s “Creativity N Confidence” In “MONTERO” Visual


It’s officially Lil Nas X season once again now that the star has announced that his next album, MONTERO, will arrive this summer. The “Old Town Road” wave helped catapult the young artist into stardom and soon, Lil Nas X was feeling the pressures that come with fame. He took a break to gather himself before returning to the celebrity scene and on Friday (March 26), he shared his single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” a track that he said he’s been sitting on for nine months. It’s a song that Lil Nas X holds dear but the music video has caused an uproar.

In the visual, Nas X wears different outfits as he portrays various characters, including a devil that receives a limber lapdance by another character the rapper plays. Much like he did when he came out as gay, Lil Nas X has received polarizing responses, but one person who made sure to lend his support is Detroit icon, Big Sean.

On Instagram, Lil Nas X bombarded his followers with images from his recent music video. He asked what everyone’s favorite part of the visual was, and Sean Don jumped in the comments with a few kind words. “The creativity n confidence to do you fully is my favorite part! Keep rockin bro,” the rapper shared. The comment didn’t go unnoticed by Lil Nas X.

“Wow bro thanks!” he replied. “Means a lot coming from you! i’m blasting deep reverence today!” Check it out below.