Big Sean Says He’s “Back Goin’ Hard” In 2020: “F*ck All Dat Otha Sh*t”


In 2020, Big Sean is slated to deliver his fifth studio album which is rumored to drop sometime this month. The Detroit rapper has been sharing bits about his forthcoming project for months, especially following the life-transformation that has him feeling as if he’s creating the best music of his career.

Eugene Gologursky / Stringer / Getty Images

“When you have the mentality that you gotta stay hungry, gotta stay on people’s necks, gotta stay hot and all of that, you kinda neglect yourself a little bit,” the rapper recently told Angie Martinez. “I did that for like, years and years and years and years and then all of a sudden it really started catching up with me and I realized, man, I can’t even deliver my best if I’m not nowhere close to my best. So, I just needed to take some time for myself.”

In a reflective New Year’s post, Big Sean shared that 2020 is about to be a crazy year. “Thank u for a decade that changed my life,” he began. “Through the the ups n downs I managed to do the impossible where I’m from n became one of the top selling hip hop artists of the decade, 52 million records sold n counting, ain’t even dropped no project in the last couple years. Like I said on my 1st album ‘never made da crowds fans, I made them all fam’. N I apologize for the distance n lack of communication but life is life. 2020 we back goin hard tho, f*ck all dat otha sh*t 💪🏾.” Are you ready for the Sean Don takeover?


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