Big Sean Tells Jhené Aiko His Marriage Proposal Is “In The Works”


Big Sean and Jhené Aiko may be hearing wedding bells soon, after the rapper told his on-and-off girlfriend that he’s planning on proposing to her soon. Sean and Jhené’s relationship has been a point of discussion for quite some time now, ever since they broke things off last March. It almost felt like the two of them never even split, since they were featuring on each other’s songs and posting photos together despite claiming to be broken up.

Big Sean Jhene Aiko Instagram live propose engagement marriage couple loveJamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF

Although they never officially confirmed it, it’s been widely assumed that the two of them have been back on since the holidays, and now, it looks like they may be committing to each other for good. The notorious couple hopped on a joint Instagram live session on Wednesday, where they shamelessly flirted with each other for the world to see.

At one point, Sean told Jhené how good she looks, to which she responded, “Oh yeah? Why don’t you marry me?” Although she seemed to be joking, Sean reassured her that marriage was in their future. “It’s in the works,” he told her. “Don’t even trip.” Earlier in the same live, Jhené made tons of jokes about being single, teasing that her DMS are “wide open,” which Sean did not appreciate. He got very protective, even threatening to fight anyone that tried to hit on his girl. However, Jhené insisted she would never compete for him, because she “never competes, only completes.”

Do you think these two will actually tie the knot someday?



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