Billie Eilish Says “Bad Guy” Was Inspired By JID & Isaiah Rashad


Earlier this week, Billie Eilish sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone to discuss how she made her hit track “Bad Guy.” It turns out, the music of JID and Isaiah Rashad were big inspirations for the track.

“I had been inspired by this song called ‘Never’ by JID and this song called ‘Stuck In The Mud’ by Isaiah Rashad that kind of stop for like five seconds in the middle and then start this new song that’s shorter,” she says. “I thought it was so interesting.”

As noted by UPROXX, Eilish has collaborated with JID before. On Denzel Curry’s track “SIRENS | Z1RENZ,” which features JID, she provided uncredited vocals for the chorus.

She recently explained to XXL how she came to be such a big hip hop fan: “I remember I was sitting on the corner of my bed; I think I was 11,” she said. “I think at the time, it was one album, which is Camp by Donald Glover [Childish Gambino]. I remember sitting on the corner of my bed and ‘Heartbeat’ came on and I was like, Whoa. I sat there in awe and I just felt like I had been completely missing a world, you know? I really was like, Oh, shit. This is what I’ve been missing. This is what I like.”


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