Billie Eilish Speaks On Trump Admin Disavowing Her & Body Shaming In Vanity Fair Cover Story


In the last few months of Donald Trump’s presidency, pop icon Billie Eilish was definitely not scared to share her feelings about the controversial, twice-impeached US President. At the Democratic National Convention in August, Billie Eilish performed a rendition of her single “My Future” in support of then Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris. In October, she and Harris had a virtual conversation that urged young people to exercise their right to vote. 

Billie Eilish
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In October, leaked documents exposed the fact that Billie Eilish had been ruled out by Trump for a pandemic-related ad campaign. Apparently, the $250 million ad campaign was created to inspire hope for the American people amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Billie Eilish was purposefully excluded from the campaign when her name came up. According to a quote by a member of the Trump administration, Billie was “not a Trump supporter” and was “destroying our country and everything we care about.”

Billie was certainly not hurt by these remarks and was instead overjoyed that her identity was so threatening to the Trump administration. According to her cover story interview for the March 2021 issue of Vanity Fair, she said, “I was very proud of myself. Tons of my friends texted me and they were like, ‘I’m so proud of you! Trump is afraid of you!’ I was like, ‘Damn right.’”

While Billie certainly doesn’t think that everything will be solved by Biden becoming president, she thinks it’s a step in the right direction. She explained, “There’s still a million things we need to do better, but just getting that orange piece of sh*t out of that White House is the best thing that could happen right now.”

In the Vanity Fair cover story, Billie also discusses her role as a woman in society and explains how she has had to respond to body-shamers over her career. “The internet hates women,” she says. “I thought that I would be the only one dealing with my hatred for my body, but I guess the internet also hates my body. So that’s great.” After a photo of her in a tank top surfaced last year, she was met with many vile comments about her figure, which she normally covers behind oversized, baggy clothing. While many came to her defense, it was a testament to the kind of treatment women face online for simply exposing their bodies. 

Billie also discusses her upcoming documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry, which is going to be released by Apple on February 26th. She’s always been attracted to seeing herself on screen, explaining, “I just have always loved cameras, and I loved being on camera, and I’ve always loved watching videos of myself, since I was a little kid. I remember being 10 and being like, ‘Mom, can I watch home movies?’” Nearly every second of her time in the spotlight has been recorded somehow for the documentary, which takes viewers through the pop star’s rise to fame.

You can watch the trailer for her upcoming documentary below.