Billie Eilish’s Stolen Ring Returned By Fan Who Says She Only Wanted A Photo With It


Artists never know what’s going to happen when they interact with their audience full of adoring fans at live shows. Security staff is on deck to make sure that fans don’t get out of control, but sometimes a performer can make their way out of the crowd and find that something on their body is missing. People have been caught trying to steal shoes and iced out chains. For Billie Eilish, that item was a ring.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

At the Austin City Limits festival earlier this month, Billie Eilish made her way into the crowd during her performance and interacted with her fans. When she returned to the stage, she realized that her ring was missing. She held her hand up and told the audience, “Somebody stole my f*cking ring!” Adding, “I guess that’s my fault. Keep that sh*t. Take care of that sh*t.” The crowd began chanting “Give it back!” but Billie was reserved that she would never see it again.

On Thursday morning, TMZ reported that there’s hope for Billie because her ring has been found. A video began circulating of a woman who can be seen asking a staff member to pick up her ring because it fell when Billie was in the crowd. The staffer gave it her, but TMZ claims they spoke to the woman who denied she did anything shady. She said she just wanted to take a photo with it before turning it over. It apparently wasn’t anything expensive, either, and was valued at less than $100. Check out the clips below.


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