Bino Rideaux & Drakeo The Ruler Come Alive On “Incredible”


The West Coast is alive and well these days, especially with Drakeo The Ruler back on the streets. The rapper’s tumultuous few years entangled in the legal system were finally resolved at the end of 2020 and he’s made sure the streets feel his presence. Over the past few months, he’s released a few projects and even more singles. 

Bino Rideaux and Drakeo The Ruler teamed up for a brand new heater on Friday titled, “Incredible.” Over bluesy guitar and ringing 808 bass, Bino and Drakeo The Ruler reflect on their wins, but more importantly, the lessons they’ve learned from their losses. 

The verse serves as a second highlight from Drakeo The Ruler this weekend. On Friday, he also teamed up with Saweetie for her new single, “Risky.”

Peep the latest from Bino Rideaux below.

Quotable Lyrics
If you ain’t trying to catch a body, why you message me?
All this hatin’ what you making, what the question is?
Tried to push the button on me but it never worked
Diamonds on me break dancin’, n***as hella hurt