Bizarre Reflects On Eminem Bromance, Jay Electronica’s Betrayal, & D12’s Run


Though he wasn’t a guest on Eminem’s recent Music To Be Murdered By album, Bizarre’s spirit was felt on “Those Kinda Nights.” A veteran of D12 and longtime friend of Em, Peter S. Bizarre has been steadily putting in work since the group’s split. Today, he sat down with Nore and DJ EFN on REVOLT’s Drink Champs, where he spent two hours reflecting on everything from recent feuds to amazing bits of hip-hop history.

Off the bat, Nore inquires about some of Bizarre’s recent shots at Joe Budden and Jay Electronica, emphasizing that the latter felt like a particularly hurtful betrayal. “Jay Electronica used to be down with us a long time ago,” says Biz. “He used to be an artist for Mr. Porter. He used to shoot B-roll footage for us, go on the road and do shit like that. He was around in the studios. That’s the story behind that. He said something about Marshall saying something about 2Pac, and he dissed him pretty hard like he never knew us. I’m real big on family.” 

There was a rumor about him from when we used to have battles at the hip-hop shop,” reflects Bizarre, when asked about Eminem’s pre-fame reputation. “I had heard there was this ‘whiteboy named Eminem, he cold!’ He was the champion, so what they do is the cypher would be [on stage.] Proof was the manager of the hip-hop shop so he’d put him in the back in the office. Nobody had ever seen him until the battle. He’d have his hat down real low over his head and shit. When I first met him I was like damn, he was killing everybody. Him and Proof was selling this shit like White Men Can’t Jump.”

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He also reveals that Em was always a perfectionist in the studio, encouraging the members to deliver better takes — sometimes for hours at a time. “He was like Dr. Dre times twenty,” says Biz. “He’s hard on himself too. He’d go back and do the same song two weeks later…He work hard, man. He’ll sit there and mumble syllables trying to make a match. I’m like goddamn bro! I can’t even rap if I’m not in the studio.”

In true Bizarre fashion, he soon finds himself reminiscing on some outlandish antics. “I took Em to Freaknik,” he laughs, prompting hysteria from the Drink Champs crew. “He was the only whiteboy there.” But before that, the pair hit up “How Could I Be Down,” where they witnessed a brawl between Fat Joe and a “Swole-ass crip” from Tha Dogg Pound. En route to Atlanta, they found themselves struggling to get on the Grey Hound bus as Em didn’t have a suitcase; in its place, his belongings were carried in a garbage bag. “The girls were loving him. I think he might have been the only white boy at Freaknik.” 

Around the twenty-six minute mark, Bizarre remembers the first time he met Dr. Dre, and the dynamic that came after. “I’ve been around Dr. Dre about thirty times, I can count on one hand how many words I’ve said to him,” reflects Biz. “He always be quoting my lyrics all the time, like Bizarre you said ‘____’, that shit was crazy!’ I’m like, damn. This Dr. Dre talking!” As it happens, they would end up using Dre to resolve deadlocked votes, as they did when selecting Devil’s Night’s lead single. “Swift, Kuniva and Mr. Porter wanted ‘Shit Can Happen’,” explains Bizarre. “Me, Proof, and Em wanted ‘Purple Pills.’ Dr. Dre was the final vote.”

Check out the entire episode below, especially if you have love for the Dirty Dozen. 


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