Bizzy Bone Details When Krayzie Bone Accidentally Shot Wish Bone


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have been in the game for over two decades so you can only imagine the type of stories they have in the stash. Bizzy Bone recently paid a visit to the Breakfast Club for an insightful interview where he detailed the group’s come-up as well as an incident that happened in their early days surrounding Wish Bone getting shot by Krayzie Bone.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As Bizzy explained it, they were out robbing in people and Wish Bone “came over crazy like, ‘Imma go to jail!’” Layzie Bone and Bizzy were going to rob a spot up the street from Layzie Bone’s mom’s place because they were messing with her. “We were waitin’ on Wish and Kray and we drivin’ two stolen cars.. so me and Lay drivin’ and shit and they just drove past fast in the van,” Bizzy explained.” At that time, that’s when he got shot. A clean shot because he kept loadin’ the shit up… There’s only six that could fit in that mothafucka. And then he had his finger on the god damn trigger so he shot Wish clean through his leg,” he continued. “It was totally an accident. They the best of friends now. You can’t see one without seeing the other.

Bizzy Bone later clarified that Krayzie Bone did end up serving time for the incident. Peep the clip below around the 10:00 mark.


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