Blac Chyna Angers The Kardashians After Instagram Photoshoot During Deposition


Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashians because she alleges they conspired with E! officials to drop the show Rob & Chyna. She claims they threatened to shoot Keeping Up With The Kardashians with another network, which caused E! to reject her spin-off show. According to documents filed by Chyna, the show was already being shot for another season, and the Kardashian family apparently paid to get the show canceled on the basis that Blac Chyna was being physically abusive to their brother Rob. On the other hand, the Kardashians are saying that the show wasn’t doing well in the first place and her restraining order against Rob rules out the possibility of a reality show.

This story got more entertaining as Blac Chyna showed up 2 hours late to her 7-hour deposition with Kardashians’ lawyers. Not only that, but she even dared to take promotional snapshots in her Fashion Nova outfits. One of the snapshots of her wearing a black trench coat was posted to her Instagram, reading the caption ”stepped in the office to handle some business.” Another post was captioned, ‘Miss Independent.” Apparently that wasn’t the case, as Kardashian counsel claimed she was being difficult, and that her lawyers were there to pick up the slack. 

Although court battles are usually lengthy and boring, Chyna found a way to capitalize on the loss of her show. Maybe she’s spending a lot of money on legal bills, but she’s also making it back with all the Fashion Nova ads. This is especially true when she’s advertising clothes during a legal battle with the Kardashians.



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