Blac Youngsta Refuses To Take Down Post Containing His Address


Blac Youngsta may be one of the funniest rappers in the entire world but he’s definitely not somebody you want to mess with. This week, he sent a message directly to his opps, requesting their presence at his home and providing the address. He’s seemingly not too bothered about what may arise.

“I’m not taking shit down pussy, pull up,” wrote the Memphis rapper on Instagram. “Stop asking me about that muhfuckin’ address, stop tellin’ me about the address. I did that on purpose,” he says. “It’s so my opps can pull up.”

In the video, which was added to his Instagram Story, Blac Youngsta shows off a collection of guns in his car. He had previously spent the day shooting a music video with Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo.

This poses obvious threats to the rapper’s safety. Just ask Chris Brown, who has had to deal with the aftermath of his address being leaked several times. 

Hopefully, Blac Youngsta comes to his senses and takes it down as soon as possible. 

The rapper has been in the news this year for several incidents, including one when he pulled a gun out on a crowd that was getting aggressive. Clearly, he’s not afraid to get a little dirty from time to time.

Blac Youngsta
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images


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