“Black Ink Crew” Teaser Shows Ceasar Emanuel Firing Two Tattoo Artists


Things are shaking up for Black In Crew: New York, and now that Ceaser is turning himself into a tattoo shop mogul, he’s shifting how he handles business. For years we’ve watched as the Black Ink’s reputation for fights, parties, and drunken debauchery has landed the crew win trouble with each other and oftentimes the law. They’ve grown together as a Black Ink family, traveled abroad, had a few makeups to breakups, and even shared tear-filled tender momentsBlack Ink Crew: New York returns on Wednesday, February 26 and in a newly released trailer, it looks like Ceasar is trying to break the cycle of disunion.

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The teaser opens with Ceasar calling an emergency staff meeting where everyone airs out their grievances with one another. Elsewhere in the clip, Ceaser reveals that his “sister,” best friend, and shop manager Sky is suspended from her duties. It looks like Ceasar fires two others before the video’s end, so it will be interesting to see who gets the ax.

A press release states that in the upcoming season, viewers will watch as Sky attempts to reconcile with her youngest son, but “her behavior leads to a shocking twist that leaves the rest of the crew speechless”; Kitty leaves New York and makes her way over to Chicago where she’s kindling a romance with Ryan Henry of 9Mag and Black Ink Crew: Chicago; Walt gets promoted to manager, but his side gigs may get in the way of his new responsibilities; Donna is once again finding herself at odds with Ceaser so he demotes her to being Bae’s apprentice; Bae is back in the dating scene since breaking up with the father of her young son; Puma and his wife struggle with their sex life following the birth of their new baby; Ted refuses to spill the beans regarding rumors that he’s married with a child on the way.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

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