BlocBoy JB Livid About Juice WRLD Being Sued Over “Lucid Dreams”


On Monday, it was reported that American rock band, Yellowcard, would be suing Juice WRLD over his hit song, “Lucid Dreams.” Yellowcard is taking the Chicago artist and his label, Interscope Records, to court for allegedly sampling the band’s 2006 song, “Holly Wood Died.” While “Lucid Dreams” does not outright sample “Holly Wood Died,” the claim being made is that the songs share a “melodic idiosyncrasy.” Yellowcard is seeking $15 million in damages – since the song went No. 2 on the Hot 100 and largely launched Juice WRLD’s career – and songwriting credits so they could receive a cut of future royalties.

Many are criticizing the evidence that the lawsuit is based upon. Legal documents reference Juice WRLD having previously professed a love for “emo pop rock” in interviews as proof that he would be familiar with Yellowcard’s music. The argument is also made that Juice WLRD is known to be a fan of Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree, which happened to be produced by someone who also worked with Yellowcard – hence, Juice WRLD must have heard “Holly Wood Died.” 

Turns out BlocBoy JB is also irritated about the whole situation. The Memphis rapper is drawing connections between this case and Fornite’s failure to compensate him for his “Hype” dance mimicked in the video game. He sued Fornite back in January, but evidently he has not been successful because he tweeted this frustrated message: “So You Telling Me Yellow Card Can Sue Juice World For 15M For Using Ah Flow Not Da Same Words Just Da Flow But Fortnite Done Took Every Blacc Mf In Da World Exact Dance And Aint Paid Ah Single Cent To No One Yet I Find Dat Crazy.”


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