Blueface Accused Of Humiliating Homeless After Tossing Cash Around L.A.’s Skid Row


The holiday season often causes people to give back to the less fortunate in various ways. Some people volunteer their time while others donate to worthy causes. Lil Pump partnered with Hot Dog on a Stick and My Friends House Foundation to give out clothing and food to the needy in Downtown Los Angeles’s Skid Row district, and it looks as if Blueface has been inspired to give back, as well. 

Roger Kisby / Stringer / Getty Images

On Monday, a video surfaced of Blueface standing atop a vehicle in the heart of L.A.’s Skid Row. The California rapper is seen with a bag filled with stacks of cash and instead of handing money to people one by one, Blueface tosses it up in the air. Beneath him, homeless people scramble around grabbing at the air and picking up bills off of the street.

People can be seen literally falling over one another to make sure they get their share of Blueface’s cash. The act, however giving, evoked quite a few responses online as some people accused the rapper of attempting to humiliate the less fortunate. Watch Blueface make it rain in Downtown Los Angeles and read through some commentary below. Are people making a big deal out of nothing?


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