Blueface Allows 3-Year-Old Son To Drive Them To The Store


Blueface’s antics are well known to the hip-hop world. The young rapper has never seemed to give a damn about what people think about him, and he continues to make this apparent. Blueface and his 3-year-old son Javaughn took a cool drive down the block recently, and the rapper filmed the entire experience. Fans began to criticize his parenting because Javaughn is in his father’s lap, seemingly driving the car. 

Obviously, Blueface must have his hand on the steering wheel as well. However, the internet began to disparage Blueface because of the lack of safety overall. Having a child on your lap while driving, not strapped in, is wildly dangerous. “Niggas dead be trying to get they kids taken away,” wrote one Twitter user. “Was hoping he was a better father than rapper but he trash at both. Put him in a car seat,” wrote another.

Blueface and his baby mother have been on and off since high school, but they seem to have a good relationship when it comes to co-parenting duties. Do you think Blueface is being reckless here, or do you think the Twitter-verse is overreacting? Let us know in the comments below.