Blueface & Crew Seen Jumping Man For Allegedly Trying To Snatch Rapper’s Chain


Blueface and the team he was traveling with got into a scuffle that witnesses caught on tape Friday night at a Los Angeles hookah lounge.

According to those in attendance, a man allegedly tried to make off with jewelry around the rapper’s neck. His attempt would prove futile when Blueface’s crew jumped in and physically handled it. Blueface didn’t take the offense lightly, either, as he jumped in to throw in a few punches himself before others in attendance pulled him off, leaving the assailant at the mercy of the other attackers.

The clip online identifies Blueface who was seen wearing a Burberry puffer coat all night. At the end of the fight, Blueface quickly throws up his set before the recording cuts off.

It’s just another eventful day for the West Coast rapper, capping off a week where his drama was largely kept online when he went head to head with Lil Duval in a debate over the legitimacy of comedians’ foray into hip-hop. His last word on the topic (so far) came after a crowd was not so receptive during one of Lil Duval’s latest performances.

“They hit cuh with that, ‘Where y’all find this n***a at?! Get the fuck off the stage!’ On Crip, I tried to tell cuh!” Blueface exclaimed ina reaction video.




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