Blueface Jumps Into Massive Brawl & Ends Concert Early: Watch


This is the type of behavior you’ve grown to expect at a Blueface concert. The crowd can get a little raucous when the rising rapper plays his chart-bangers and given his clear gang allegiance, there always runs the risk of a fight breaking out in the crowd. That was the case during Blue’s recent show in Santa Cruz where the organizers of the event were forced to shut things down after a massive brawl took place at the side of the stage. Things got so intense at one point that even Blueface himself jumped into the melee.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

In the video below, you can witness the commotion for yourself before the Cash Money West rapper heads over to see what was happening, hopping in to hopefully de-escalate the situation. Punches are thrown all over but, in the midst of the drama, BF seemingly found a way out of the madness. Somebody then took the microphone to announce that the remainder of the show had been canceled and that Blueface left the building, which incited even more violence among ticket-buyers.

The police arrived after the fight had calmed down and there are no current details regarding injuries or arrests. It was probably a smart move for Blueface to head out of town when he did.



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