Blueface Roasts Himself For Having Ridiculously Long Feet


Blueface can be a bit of a goofball on social media. Just in the past month, he’s been responsible for a few antics that got him featured in our headlines. First, he got in an unexpected (and unnecessary) spat with Lil Duval. It started with Blueface lecturing Shiggy about why he should stay in the comedy lane rather than dabbling in rap. Lil Duval, being a comedian who also happens to rap, came to Shiggy’s defense. Blueface doubled down on his stance that comedians shouldn’t rap, and clowned Lil Duval’s music and net worth. Following this incident, Blueface decided to give back to the needy for the holidays by heading to LA’s Skid Row and tossing cash at homeless people. The video he shared of this attempt at a charitable act received a ton of backlash for being insensitive

This being said, Blueface has been an entertaining character online. The latest example of this is the video he shared on Instagram of a computerized female voice roasting him for his ridiculously long feat. The rapper is first seen standing in front of his blue Benz, before close-ups are provided of his feet and you could see that they are extensively elongated. The voiceover compares the appearance of his feet to a bunch of inanimate objects such as a meatball sub, a limousine and a rifle. The highlight might be when she jokes that his crossed toes are “making a promise.” 

All this goofiness aside, Blueface’s debut album, Find The Beat, is set to drop on January 17. Listen to a new song by him, “Finesse The Beat“. 


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