Blueface Shares Security Cam Footage Of Hookah Lounge Brawl: “We Put Cuz On”


Last Friday night, Blueface was enjoying himself at the Blue Moon Hookah Lounge in Downtown L.A. when someone allegedly tried to steal his chain. This was a rather ambitious (and idiotic) move on the part of the thief considering Blueface was standing in the middle of the lounge, surrounded by his entourage. It’s hard to make sense of how this assailant imagined he would pull off this maneuver unscathed, not only having to get hold of the chain, but also make it all the way to the exit and out of Blueface’s reach. 

Events unfolded exactly as one would expect. The man failed to grab the chain off Blueface’s neck. Instead, Blueface and his team started swinging at the audacious perpetrator. Based on videos that were posted by bystanders and now the security cam footage shared by Blueface himself, the scuffle relocated from the booth to the floor and continued for quite some time to ensure the sloppy thief learned his lesson. “He might as well be from da set we put cuz on,” Blueface captioned his video. 

There has been a lot of Blueface-related content recently. His attempt at a charitable Christmas act attracted much criticism. Before that he sparked some beef with Lil Duval by giving Shiggy a lecture on why comedians should stay out of the rap lane. Oh, and he also dropped a new track, “Finesse The Beat”, which may be from his upcoming debut album. 


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