Blueface Shows You How To “Finesse The Beat” On New Song


When Blueface first broke out, he was both clowned and admired for not being able to stay on beat if his life depended on it. He learned to own his offbeatness as a superpower, showing everyone that they couldn’t make fun of him for failing to do something that he had no interest in doing. His dogged evasion of the beat became his trademark, which is often crucial in making an artist memorable. We’re still checking for Blueface’s music to this day and we’re glad we are because he just dropped some absolute heat. 

“Finesse The Beat” features Blueface ferociously barking about how he always manages to win his battles with the beats. While the drums punctuate his barks at points, he mostly makes use of his delightfully off-kilter delivery. 

It’s unknown whether this song will be featured on Blueface’s debut album, but it would certainly fit the theme, as it will be titled Find The Beat. Blueface has been teasing the album for months and it has missed multiple scheduled release dates (the latest one being December 6). It looks like we’ll have to wait ’til 2020. 

Quotable Lyrics

Twin Glocks, Zach and Cody
Ooh, damn, life is sweet (Yeah)
Never sweeped the hoes? Get up out the suite (Get out)
How the fuck we beefin’? We ain’t ever fuckin’ meet (How?)
How the fuck am I a rapper? I just barely found the fuckin’ beat


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