Blueface Skates Jail Time In Felony Gun Charge


Despite claiming to have put a “cock in his Glock” on numerous occasions, Blueface has opted to separate art from life on this one. Unsurprisingly so, given that Blueface was recently facing some potential hard time over a felony gun charge. The charges were originally laid in February of 2019 when police caught the “Thotiana” rapper holding an unregistered and fully-loaded firearm, leading to a misdemeanor charge and the possibility of up to three years in prison. On December 27th, Blueface opted to plead “No Contest,” with a report from KHTS confirming a sentence of thirty-six months probation and eight days of community service. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A fair break for the offbeat rapper, who has frequently found himself crossing paths with the long arm of the law. You may recall that in November of 2018, Blueface was involved in a shooting-turned-highway-chase that transpired after a man allegedly robbed “the driver of a Mercedes” — a vehicle believed to have been carrying Blueface. After the shots rang out, Blueface’s vehicle ultimately hit a median, where police proceeded to charge the rapper with the felony crime of “shooting at an occupied vehicle.” 

Considering his recurring run-ins with the law, it would appear that this most recent sentence is a win for the unconventional emcee, though we all know thirty-six months of probation can quickly snowball into something far more debilitating. Hopefully, Blueface can remain focused on securing the bag, as we’ve already seen too many career’s thrown off track by impulsive criminal behavior.



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