Blueface Video Shoot Madness: Wig-Snatching Victim Accuses Perpetrator Of Racism


One of the women present during the brawl of the century that went down at Blueface’s crib during a music video shoot this weekend has since spoken out, revealing that the chick who snatched her wig off her head said some super racist nonsense to her. Blueface documented the absolute insanity that went down at his California home on Saturday night, after a fight broke out between some of the video vixens present on set.

Blueface music video shoot catfight brawl wig snatch victim racistMaury Phillips/Getty Images for BET

All clad in blue thong bikinis, these girls were pulling each other’s hair and hurling insults at each other to no end, while a few of their co-stars continued to twerk for the camera. One of those unbothered queens was seen getting her wig snatched off her head by one of the aggressors in some security footage that Blueface posted on his Instagram story, and she has since disclosed her awful experience at the video shoot.

The woman, whose real name is unclear, took to Twitter to explain what happened to her during the incident, attaching the clip of her getting her wig snatched off her head. “Y’all…” she began. “Blueface invited me to his video shoot and this girl had the nerve to say, ‘leave you ugly darkskin b*tch’ ‘you bald because you dark skinned you ugly b*tch’ ‘yo kick this black hoe out’…all for no reason? What is this bullsh*t occurring for in 2020?”

She made sure to clarify that she was not involved in any of the physical altercations, which actually ended up making her a target somehow. 

“Mind you I was attacked because I WASN’T fighting,” she said. “& the girl who snatched my hair to ‘prove I was bald’ came up saying how I was ‘thirsty & a hoe for talking to blueface while everybody fighting’… these b*tches are INSANE.”

“All in all I’m glad to know I wasn’t there using my one public outing during quarantine to fight random bitches I don’t know,” she continued, “and argue over who’s the baddest b*tch and who got the best pussy! LIKE DO YOU HEAR YOURSELVESSS?!?! wake up.” This same woman was later seen in Blueface’s Instagram story sitting at his kitchen table, minding her business while the other ladies went at each other’s throats. 

According to one of the replies on her tweet thread, the wig-snatcher commented on The Shade Room’s post about the wig-snatchee’s tweets: “she thirsty for even posting this…cuz she still is bald.”

“Her wig got snatched cus she was the only person trying to be thirsty meanwhile the rest of us fighting,” she wrote in a separate comment. “Girl bye !” Yikes. Hopefully this whole mess can be put behind them now.


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