Blueface Walks Out On No Jumper Interview After Nipsey Hussle Question


Wack 100 has been forced to address comments that he made about Nipsey Hussle after his passing, condoning his shooter’s actions and suggesting that Eric Holder was simply following the street code when he ran up on the rapper. The hot take has brought back an issue that initially made headlines after Hussle’s death, involving Blueface and his lack of support for the Los Angeles star. Hailing from the same city and repping the same colors, many expected Blueface to speak up after Hussle was gunned down but his tribute post was nowhere to be found. We’ve heard time and time again why the man didn’t share his thoughts on the situation and, during a recent interview with No Jumper, the Cash Money West artist allowed his manager Wack 100 to do all the talking, walking out on the interview after the question was asked.

 Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

“We ain’t doing no more fucking interviews,” laughed Blueface before walking out on Adam22, leaving Wack 100 by himself to tackle the hard questions. The host tried to get BF to stay a while longer to address the Nipsey Hussle topic but, instead, Wack came through with the same response we’ve heard for months. 

“The reality of what that is is just real,” said Wack. “He don’t know him. They’ve never talked, never had a conversation. And the fact of the matter is, their two neighborhoods for twenty-five years have been on and off enemies. So, him not saying nothing is really him showing respect. Their neighborhoods didn’t even get along!”

Do you think Blueface should have said something about Nipsey’s death?


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