Bobby Brown Believes Nick Gordon Is Responsible For Whitney Houston’s Death


Days after teasing his appearance on Red Table Talk, Bobby Brown’s full conversation with the Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Jones has arrived. Within the last nine years, Bobby Brown has lost his ex-wife Whitney Houston, his daughter Bobbi Kristina, and most recently his son Bobby Brown Jr. to substance abuse-related deaths. Additionally, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, died at the top of 2020 from a drug overdose.

Brown spoke openly about how he’s grieved these losses and told the ladies on Red Table Talk that he believes it’s his mission to “remind people that it can kill you.” The music legend knows firsthand the battles of addiction and tearfully discussed how he’s been processing losing two children in six years.

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Bobby Brown Jr. recently passed away from a reported mixture of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol, but the New Edition singer insisted that his son wasn’t a drug user. “He would experiment with different things,” said Brown. “It wasn’t like he was dependent on drugs like when I was in my situation. I depended, I needed it… He was a young man that tried the wrong stuff and it took him out of here.”

“Losing [my son] was very, very unexpected, just like losing my daughter,” said Brown. “We were just in the studio two nights before. It was something that hit me really, really hard. He was a musician, played piano, played drums, he was a great writer. He was a teacher and learner. He learned from everybody that he was around and he taught just as much as he learned… He was someone that I just admired him as a young man and how he grew up. He just wanted to be a part of something that was going to be special. His smile, when he smiled, he just brightened up a room.”

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Brown also had a few thoughts about Nick Gordon who he believes played a role in the deaths of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. “He was the only one there with both situations, with my ex-wife and with my daughter, and they both died the same way.” Jada wanted to know if Brown believed Gordon “killed Whitney.”

“I believe so,” he replied. “This is my opinion of who I think this young man was… Being around my daughter and being around my ex-wife, I think he was more so a provider of, you know, party favors.” Watch Red Table Talk below.