Bobby Brown Didn’t Introduce Whitney Houston To Cocaine, According To Robyn Crawford


It’s been a week of posthumous revelations about music icon Whitney Houston. The singer’s best friend Robyn Crawford, who also alleges that she once had a romantic, sexual relationship with Whitney, has come forward with stories that she’s sharing in her memoir A Song for You: My Life With Whitney HoustonThe book drops on Tuesday, November 12, and to promote its release, Crawford appeared on Dateline NBC to discuss some confessions she’s made.

Lisa Rose/Disney Parks via Getty Images

For years the public has blamed Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug addictions, but Robyn claims that’s just not the case. When the couple got married the New Edition singer had a long-standing reputation as being a bad boy, while Whitney was America’s singing-sensation sweetheart. Robyn told NBC News‘s Craig Melvin that prior to Bobby, she and Whitney would use cocaine together, but she could see that things were getting a little out of control.

“I would remind Whitney that, ‘Now, you know, we said doing coke couldn’t go where we’re going and we’re already there. So we shouldn’t be doing it.’ And I’d notice that she would go ahead and do it. She was having difficulty stopping,” Robyn said. She also acknowledged the rumors about Bobby Brown but stated, “[Whitney] wasn’t doing it regularly, but she would do it sometimes and sometimes might, you know, overdo it. But, you know, Bobby, he didn’t introduce her to cocaine. No.”

Dateline NBC’s A Song for Whitney special airs Saturday, November 9. Crawford will also appear live in-studio on TODAY for her first live interview on Monday, November 11. Watch her clip below.


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