Bobby Shmurda Shuts Down Relationship Rumors: “That Is Not Me”


Over the past 24 hours, Bobby Shmurda has been getting clowned on Twitter for his alleged new boo. After several photos and videos that featured the Brooklyn artist and a mysterious woman surfaced, fans were quick to deem Bobby and the unnamed woman, now known simply as Lilly, Hip-Hop’s newest couple. Shortly after the news spread on social media, however, fans started making fun of the “Hot N*gga” rapper and criticizing his choice of women, with some bothered by his decision to date a white woman and others simply amused by her looks.

The rumor that Bobby Shmurda had found romance with Lilly following his release from prison earlier this year now appears to false, as the rapper himself has come forward to quickly dispel any notion that links him with the gentlemen’s club dancer.

In a brief video clip posted by DJ Akademiks, Bobby addresses the situation and denies that he is romantically involved with Lilly. The video is zoomed into the rapper’s chest and flashy “SHMURDA” chain, so viewers can’t fully get into Bobby’s facial expressions. However, the video does clearly feature the Brooklyn artist’s voice.

“On gang, bro! I did not f*ck her, bro. That is not me, bro. That is the homeboy’s joint, bro,” Bobby Shmurda immediately clarifies as the video starts. “But that sh*t y’all saying tho, yall gotta chill with that sh*t, that social media bashing sh*t.”

“And they bashing her like that’s your girl,” another voice says, “but sh*t, n*ggas don’t even know.”

Bobby replies to the person’s comment, saying, “Even if it was or it wasn’t bruh, that sh*t ain’t cool. Anyways, on gang, that’s not even me.”

Once it’s clarified once and for all that Bobby and Lilly are not an item, the video takes a rather comical turn as the recently freed rapper jokes about how fans are trying to bother him and get him to “wild the f*ck out” on the internet.

“I’m tryna be nice, and I’m tryna stay as a nice guy. I’m on parole, but y’all want me to wild the f*ck out!” Bobby says. “But I ain’t gonna wild the f*ck out yo. Y’all gotta be careful about what y’all say on this ‘gram.”

With Bobby’s statement on the matter, the Hip-Hop community can officially leave the Bobby Shmurda x Lilly romance talk in the past. Stay tuned for more Bobby-related news as the Brooklyn artist is finally dropping music this month.

Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda attend a Day Party at Republic Lounge on March 7, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images