Bobby Shmurda Visited By “3 Baddies” In Prison Ahead Of Rumoured 2020 Release


Bobby Shmurda has been behind bars for quite some time, and naturally, his time in lockup has affected him greatly. Though it’s been rumoured that he will be released sometime in December of this year, it’s still a ways away, and after such a long time in the slammer, Bobby needs a change of scenery. Bobby’s friend and fellow GS9 member, Lefty Loc, shared a photo of his recent visit to his pal, after Bobby told him how tired he is of his surroundings.

“Bobby said ‘i’m tired of waking up every morning and just seeing n*ggas big bro,'” Lefty wrote in the caption of the photo. “i said i know exactly what u mean Cuhz. sit tight, i’ll be up there thursday to lift ur spirits.” Fast forward to Thursday, and Lefty delivers on his promise. “Pulled up wit 3 baddies. We had a really dope funny 4 hour visit. #FreeTheReal gs9 2020 is here!” Lefty poses with Bobby and the three “baddies,” in question, though it’s unclear who exactly these women actually are or how he met them. The second photo shows just Bobby crouching the ladies on the ground. Bobby was also recently visited by his friend, Quavo, who, along with the rest of the Migos, will be dropping a joint project with Bobby called “ShMigo” sometime this year following his release. Hopefully these visits will keep Bobby in a positive mindset until that day comes.


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