Boldy James & Alchemist Share “Boldface” EP Feat. The Cool Kids


If Alchemist trusts a rapper to get on his masterful beats, then we trust them without question. We have plenty of proof now that Boldy James is worthy of the mission. The two joined forces for a whole LP back in 2013, My 1st Chemistry Set, and Boldy made a memorable appearance on Al’s Yacht Rock 2 this year. While this week we only got a five-track EP from them, Boldface, Alchemist announced that an 11-track full-length is coming from the duo next month. 

More proof that Boldy James is a top-tier emcee comes from Earl Sweatshirt tweeting “boldy is real top 5 shit; ya favorites’ favorite. tap all the way in” and referring to his new EP as “big boy raps!!” The brief EP offers an impressive variety of sounds. “Method To Madness” might be Alchemist’s most trap-esque beat yet. On “Summer Nights”, Boldy delivers a deadpan narrative over a washed-out, undulating sample. “Dinavolino” boasts the project’s only feature, which comes from The Cool Kids (who also collaborated with Alchemist this year on their Layups EP). The last song, “My First Offense”, features Al’s trademark of blending jazzy keys with grimy basslines. 

Give a listen to Boldface EP below and keep an eye out for their LP in January. 






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