Boldy James & The Alchemist Prep Collaborative LP With “Speed Demon Freestyle”


Boldface, the EP that Boldy James and The Alchemist put out at the end of December is still in rotation, but they’re moving on to their next endeavor. When the EP dropped, they mentioned that it an LP would follow in January, but today, Al announced that The Price of Tea in China has been pushed to February 7.

Luckily, we have no shortage of music from the duo to hold us off in the meantime. They just shared a video for “Speed Demon Freestyle”, a single off the forthcoming full-length. It features Boldy delivering deadpan raps over a minimalist Alchemist beat. Most of the tightly-packed bars are solely punctuated by the dull thud of drums, until a triumphant horn sample bursts in.

The Price of Tea in China will not be the first collaborative LP from Boldy James and Alchemist. They joined forces for 2013’s My 1st Chemistry Set. We’re looking forward to hearing more from them. 

Quotable Lyrics

Snakes on the collar of my shirt, this polo so exclusive
Out in Vegas at The Mirage, shit ain’t no illusion
You know who winning, but of course, we all know who losing
Jump with them killers off the porch, we all know who rooting 


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