Bones & Deer God Team Up For New Album “PushingUpDaisies”


Bones is an artist who has been around for a very long time now and fans know him for his dark brooding sound and monotone vocals that always put you in a hellish place. This sound helped shape a whole movement of artists and to this day, Bones is still going strong. Recently, he decided to team up with his good friend Deergod for a new 12-track album called PushingUpDaisies, and it released on Friday.

Just a few weeks ago, a single for the album was released to the masses called “PopRocks” which just so happens to be the intro track. This song sets the tone for the album as Bones brings a more contemporary style all while Deergod harkens back to the more classic ideals of hip-hop. There is something for everyone here, and if you’re a fan of either of these two artists, you should give this a listen.


1. PopRocks
2. Clickin
3. DetroitBoatClub
4. BluntsInTheRain
5. MeetYourMaker
6. Lasso
7. P.S. 118
8. Cracked
9. ComingToTerms
10. UptownCoffeeHouse
11. Vic&Bobs
12. FantasyOfLights