“Boondocks” Fans Wants Jenifer Lewis To Replace John Witherspoon’s “Grandad”


One thing is for sure: John Witherspoon was an unmatched comedic talent who will be missed. It was announced at the tail end of October that Witherspoon had passed away, and while the entertainer was 77-years-old, his career was still moving forward. Ice Cube was relentlessly trying to get the next Friday film into production, Witherspoon recently appeared in Master P’s I Got the Hook Up 2, and earlier this year, Witherspoon confirmed that another season of Aaron McGruder’s popular animation The Boondocks was making its return to television.

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Boondocks fans have been awaiting that news for years and were hyped about the possibility of seeing the return of Grandad (Witherspoon), Huey (Regina King), and Riley (Regina King, yet again). Now that Witherspoon is no longer with us, fans mourned both the actor and his character, but someone offered up an idea to keep the series going.

“Picture it: Granddad passes away in The Boondocks opening of the 5th season and the boys are sent to live with Granddad’s sister: played by Jenifer Lewis,” he wrote. “She’s the ONLY one I can think to keep that same energy.” His tweet began to circulate on social media platforms and it seemed as if the idea was widely accepted among fans. 

Jenifer caught wind of the chatter and seemed to be keen on the concept, as well. “Thank you one and all. I’ll check into this,” she responded. “It would be fun. I miss my John Witherspoon. He gave us so much so much love and laughter y’all.” Do you think The Boondocks should continue with Jenifer or bow out now that Witherspoon has passed away?

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