Boosie Asks Fans To Give Him Food Stamps


Boosie Badazz is one of the most entertaining men on social media. The prolific rapper speaks without a filter, saying whatever comes to his mind and making some of the most outrageous requests for his fans. On a few separate occasions, Boosie has even taken to social media to ask his fans to bring him insulin medication for his diabetes. 

While his latest request isn’t as sketchy as the times he’s asked for insulin, it’s definitely in a legal grey area, which is probably why he deleted the video shortly after posting it. Asking his fans to help him out one more time, Boosie said he would exchange money for food stamps, telling fans to pass along their food stamps when they see him out in public.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

“Boosie announcement, service announcement,” he said. “You got food stamps, I’m trying to get them b*tches. I’ma f*ck witcha gang. You see me in the streets, pull up. I’ma cash you out. You got food stamps, I’ma f*ck witcha gang. When you see me in the streets, you see me at a concert, you tryna get some cash, bring me them food stamps.”

In the caption to his since-deleted video, Boosie said he’s trying to save money on groceries. “GROCERIES THEN TURNED INTO CHILD SUPPORT EVERY MONTH,” he added. 

Hopefully, Boosie gets the help he needs. If you’ve got food stamps to give away, send Boosie a message, I guess.