Boosie Badazz Admits To Being A Drug Dealer In Prison


One of the most eccentric characters in the rap game, Boosie Badazz is equal parts menacing and hilarious. The man will break your jaw as soon as he makes you cry with laughter. A Baton Rouge legend, Boosie successfully beat his charges after being on death row for multiple years. When he was locked up though, he wasn’t messing around.

Gucci Mane spoke about how he changed his life in prison, learning to eat healthy, work out, and read books. Boosie Badazz was on no similar tip. In fact, street life followed him right into general pop.

Speaking with VladTV about his prison experience, Boosie revealed that he was the king of his unit, running things and even becoming everyone’s go-to drug dealer.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

We all know that drugs get smuggled into prisons every day. Apparently, Boosie was the brains behind the operation where he was locked up.

“I didn’t come to prison to do the right thing. I came to prison to violate,” said Boosie in the interview. “I still gotta feed my family on the outside so I basically was a drug dealer in prison. I gotta keep it real. I was a drug dealer. Weed, coke, codeine, ecstasy pills, mojo. I got it in, Vlad. I had to feed my family.”

He wouldn’t go so far as to reveal how he smuggled drugs into the prison because, you know, that would be pretty incriminating. 

Is anybody surprised that Boosie was still running things in the box?


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