Boosie Badazz Apologizes For Wearing Kappa But Tells Critics Stop Acting Tough


Boosie Badazz got himself roasted online this past week after he purchased a Kappa Alpha Psi sweater and wore it out to a Houston Rockets game. The backlash became so overwhelming that Boosie responded in a since-deleted IG post. “I was n the mall looking for red n saw the sweater n it was hard,” he wrote. “Yes I knew it was a Kappa sweater. I thought I would get love from wearing it not hate. Calm yall ass down bra I was just getting fresh.” The majority of the criticism came because the fraternity, which is predominantly comprised of African-Americans, felt that wearing their sigil or colors is sacred. 

A day later, Boosie stepped back and seemingly called a truce with the fraternity. He decided to make them a proposition, stating on social media, “They had a lotta older Kappas who was upset ’cause I wore the shirt, so Imma boss up and give back.” Boosie declared that he wanted Kappas to do their step to his track “Wipe Me Down.” 

Now, Boosie is taking some more time to clear the air. In an exclusive for TMZ, Boosie addresses the Kappa Alpha Psi one more time. Boosie reiterates that when he wore the outfit he thought the fraternity would “show me love,” but continues on to admit, “I don’t know how deep that college shit is.” His story continues to the part where he learned that they do their step to “Wipe Me Down,” at which point he offered the olive branch. Before offering an apology, Boosie promises that he won’t wear the Kappa Alpha Psi sweater anymore, if they teach him how to do their step. He also issues a warning for those sliding hin his DMs with threats. Check out the video below. 


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